John Hallberg

I’m A Local Business Expert, Founder & Content Creator.

My mission is to share actionable business tips and ideas with small business owners to help them grow.

I’m also the proud founder of

John Hallberg

about me

I have spent most of my career in the salon industry managing some of the world’s largest global beauty brands while helping salon owners grow their business.

Local Business Coach

Providing entrepreneurs marketing and business advice.


I’m fascinated by the salon industry and all it stands for. The people in this world have a unique energy – driven by passion, talent and ambition. They’re determined to do great things that make an impact on others, from enhancing their appearance with bold styles to providing stable jobs within their communities.

I have a mission: to modernize the local business industry and break down financial barriers that keep ambitious owners from doing well for themselves, their families, and those who work with them. Despite all of our progress in recent decades, there are still far too many salons struggling financially – this is something I deeply wish to change. It’s time we take advantage of technology so more people can benefit from it!

I’m passionate about giving business owners the tools to help their companies flourish. I’ve been there, doing it all – from managing teams and beauty brands on a global scale, down to bootstrapping my own ventures. Now here’s where you can step in – I want to pass along everything that experience has taught me so far; concise tips for success no matter what size your outfit is.

Every morning, I am filled with anticipation as I open my mailbox and discover messages from entrepreneurs around the globe. From places far away that were previously nothing more than names on a map to me. It’s humbling yet thrilling to know that these small business owners are taking what they learn from me and growing their businesses with it.

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